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young caregiver combing her patient's hair

It’s important to still keep up with your hygiene despite the deterioration of physical health or disability due to old age. Bathing can be difficult for you to perform when you are experiencing such changes in health condition. Not only will it be challenging for you to move around without assistance, you are also at risk of falling or slipping on the toilet or the bathtub.

With our experienced caregivers who provide you support in bathing and grooming activities, you will be able to go about and finish self-care tasks safe and sound. We also see to it that your own dignity will be preserved when delivering our services.

Whether it’s showering, sponge bathing, or grooming, our caregivers will treat you with respect and give you as much privacy you want while doing such task.

Minimize your risk of falling or getting an infection due to poor and neglected hygiene through our help. Get compassionate and respectful home care assistance from Top Choice Home Care. Contact us today for more information.